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JBJS Complete Online Only

All-inclusive online bundle that provides access to all that JBJS has to offer; scientific and clinical research, review articles, case reports, video surgical techniques, and peer--reviewed content for orthopaedic PA's.

JBJS Clinical Classroom - All Modules

Eleven modules with each containing questions and learning resources in the areas of Trauma; Sports Medicine; Adult Hip Reconstruction; Adult Knee Reconstruction; Spine; Shoulder & Elbow; Hand & Wrist; Foot & Ankle; Pediatrics; Basic Science & Pathology; and Ethics

JBJS Clinical Classroom - Adult Hip Reconstruction

Topics include hip anatomy; hip osteoarthritis; primary and revision total hip arthroplasty including surgical approaches, implant and bearing wear/concerns, surgical techniques, perioperative considerations, periprosthetic fracture, and complications; hip hemiarthroplasty; non-arthroplasty hip procedures; unusual conditions including acetabular and femoral reconstruction for DDH, and protrusion. Ethics module is complimentary with purchase.

JBJS Clinical Classroom - Adult Knee Reconstruction

Topics include knee inflammatory and osteoarthritis; non-and operative management of knee arthritis including arthroscopy, and varus/valgus producing osteotomy; unicompartmental arthroplasty; primary total knee arthroplasty including indications, implant design/type, techniques and complications; revision total knee arthroplasty; periprosthetic infection; pain management; and patient outcomes. Ethics module is complimentary with purchase.